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Treehouse Records Studio A will be permanently closing August 1st, 2021.  

Treehouse Studios B,C,D,E,F will remain open and that business will be unaffected.  


See the full press release here



-Includes all gear available at the studio

-Includes engineer 

-Typical daily sessions Noon- 8:00 p.m (exceptions can be made)

-Whether you're mixing or recording, time in the studio is only $75.00 / hour

-3 hour minimum

TAPE RENTAL FEE: Treehouse requires a $75 tape rental fee PER TAPE.  Tape Rental Fees are required to confirm all sessions.  A tape typically holds 30 minutes of music.

OVERTIME:  All sessions running over an 8 hour consecutive period will be charged at $112.50 / hour for every hour over those 8 hours.

DEPOSIT:  All sessions require a $75.00 deposit prior to confirming a date.  Deposits can be paid electronically.

CANCELLATION FEE: If a session is cancelled within the week of the date booked or a "No Show" there will be an automatic $75.00 fee.  This will be taken out of your tape rental fee, deposit or charged prior to your next session.



-Purchase your 24 track tape for $200.00 and keep it forever.  This is Optional.



-Buy a digital multi-track mix for $150.00


-Take your 2 track stereo WAV file home.  This is free.


Per Project

-Mastered in house by owner/engineer Barrett Guzaldo

-Email for custom quote on your project

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