Blue Dream is the first band to be released via THRC.  Their first 45 arrives 12/7 entitled "Freedom Eyes"


After years of creating, operating and expanding our recording and rehearsal studios on Chicago's northwest side, Treehouse Records is excited to announce the addition of a la carte record label services to independent artists nationwide. Our goal at the Treehouse is to cater to artists that want to keep their independence but would also like assistance with some aspects of the business. Bands and artists pick and choose the services they need from a long list of offered resources.  Whether it be physical production, distribution, publicity, digital services, streaming services, copyright, tour press, or more, Treehouse is excited to provide it all. Our team can help guide artists through the necessary parts of the music world to make it easier for them to create, share, and live their art without the stress that business can add.  Unlike the traditional record label, Treehouse will allow artists to retain all the rights to their music and will assert no creative control over what is produced. It is essential to Treehouse and the THRC team that artists see the label as a tool to make their lives easier, not a decision- making, controlling, mega beast like the major labels they are trying to avoid. 




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Send demo, videos, media kit, and photos and we will take a listen. Just some advice, do yourself and us a favor and make sure that you only send a completed, organized email of something you are proud of…

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