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Studio C

Studio C is the perfect auxiliary space for your next project. Whether you need craft services, green room activities, or additional personnel work space, Studio C has got you covered. Conveniently located directly off of the restrooms for the stage, Studio C is the ideal space to meet all of your project needs.

Studio C Lobby

Looking for a spacious lobby for your next event? Look no further than Treehouse's Studio C! Our wide open floor plan is perfect for any occasion, and our vintage decor celebrating rock and roll, along with Chicago memorabilia  and free play arcade games, will transport you to another era. Plus, our location next to the stage creates an unbeatable convenience.


Studio C Vending

Studio C's main lobby is equipped with a traditional coffee maker, microwave, and vending machine, making it an ideal space to host clients or use as craft services. The ample counter space adds to the convenience of the area.

Take a Closer Look

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